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We take care of your financial anxiety! 

This is the FULL PLAN to manage your family accounting and financial tasks

We coach the community to get clear on what really matters in life and teach how to put money toward those things. We help to come up with a plan to get from where people are now to where they want to be, then walk that path with them as accountability partners and guides.

- The budget for your family is prepared and followed by Touch Tools Business

- Paperless implementation for all your suppliers

- Online Access implementation shared (Mortgage, Credit Cards, Internet/Phone Provider, PG&E,...)

- Email implementation for all suppliers' invoices shared and managed by Touch Tools Business

- Payments to suppliers made by Touch Tools Business on your behalf and after your approval

- Cloud's implementation for shared access to save all important documents to get ready for your taxes and other requests you could need

- Reviewing health, car, home insurance's documents as well as all other administrative issues we all receive during the year

- Debts and credit score management

- Reviewing together all tips and advice your financial advisor could suggest before you make the final decision about your finance

- Help you to fix personal and business goals



“I do thanks the team for all recommendations they have given me !”

-Bob R. -

“Wouah. So great I have found this team to help me saving money to buy my own home. Only the beginning. Thanks Touch Tools Business !”


- Lucia D. -

“Amazing how easy it is when you have the good tools to save money. Thanks Lionel!”


- Thomas G. -

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