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- Video calls - Learn how to save more money - Create your budget and Goals setting - Uncover obstacles Brainstorm - Bank automation - Reach Financial Freedom - Per...
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59% of adults in the U.S. admit to living paycheck to paycheck, according to Charles Schwab's 2019 Modern Wealth Index Survey. Almost half (44%) have credit card debt and only 38% have an emergency fund.

Ideas to save money are wonderful when they offer solutions or lead to real cash opportunities. However, having good savings is not an easy task. Many projects do not see the light of day because it is difficult to successfully develop and implement such savings!

You are often alone to save money. Family, friends, and co-workers are not helping much. It's easier for them to point out obstacles and giving you a million reasons why your ideas to save money won't work. We understand because we have been there before.

You have just made the best first choice in your new lifestyle! Being a member of our community will help you in the process to reach your own goals!

The road will not be easy every day as every one of us has different challenges to fight during this journey.

Imagine you wake up every early morning to go to work, doing a job but the end of the months are always the is missing!

Of course, you will not have a huge amount of saving by tomorrow Morning if you haven't won the lottery... we all need to be realistic here. Joining TouchToolsBusiness will help you to start the process to understand how to save as much as possible and to stop having so many expenses.

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  • Build knowledge around spending habits. A lot of my clients I do work with have never made a budget, or do not stick with it for more than a few weeks.  I do help them to discover how much money is coming in, how much is going out, and where it is going. We can spend money but it is capital to follow where the cash is going to.|

  • Dream your “Wonderful” lifestyle. I work with my clients to understand their actual lifestyle and the one the dream to have. I'm not talking about retirement only as my clients still have many years (less for others) before they will be able to stop working. What do they really want out of life? It impacts the way they have to look there own fears around money.

  • Examine the emotions and behaviors. Telling my clients what to do is easy but so much harder to get them to do it! They find a lot of excuses explaining to me the reasons they could not follow my suggestions and why they could not stick with the budget we have agreed together. My role is to touch some emotional and behavior parts of the human being in front of money issues.

  • Build an emergency fund. I have been through multiplied transitions along with my career, so I coach how to accumulate a few months savings and to manage debt, and create a plan to pay it down.

  • Design a spending plan and budgeting system. I do explain to my clients a simple process to spend and save money that actually works. Money is so simple to spend but also so simple to save if you force yourself to follow simple processes as soon as possible. 

  • Support and Follow-up. Often, upon completing the process, my clients continue to contact me a few times per year to make sure they do take good decisions for the new challenges they could cross in their lives.

- Video calls - Learn how to save more money - Create your budget and Goals setting - Uncover obstacles Brainstorm - Bank automation - Reach Financial Freedom - Per...
Financial Coaching - $79

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