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Coaching Session


Basic Financial questions


Let's start your first session together! This is a great step for your debt-free life.

We suggest you watch this video resuming the topics of the session.
Start watching the video:
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Write down (if you haven't done it yet) the answers to those essential questions:
  • Incomes: What is your total NET Income per month, year?
  • Assets: Are you a homeowner or a tenant? How much is your mortgage, rent per month, year?
  • Saving: What is the totality of your saving? Split it into different categories (401k…stock Market…Saving Account…)
  • Emergency fund: Do you have an Emergency fund or is it part of the savings you mentioned earlier?
  •  Debts: What is the total of all your debts? Split it into different categories (Car Loan…Student Loan…Private Loan…Credit Cards…)

If you have done the "Game Money Habitudes" before this session, you should have already received an email with the result and we have spoken about it during the session.

Let’s take 5 more minutes to look at the results and think if they fit your money habits or if you believe the report is wrong.

There are no good or bad answers and we can, and should, all adjust a bit our habits with money if needed.
This game takes only 10 minutes to practice but has some powerful effects to adjust our habits to start financial coaching.

The budget is the most important tool to work with.

Download the budget here or use a tool you will be the most comfortable with (paper, envelops,...)

First Homework:
For the next session, your first homework will be to create your own budget. 

You have 2 weeks to create it. It seems like a long time but please start as soon as possible so you can send your first budget to us for review before your next session.

Good luck with this first step to your debt-free life! Do not forget you can reach us as much as needed.