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Our method is as simple

- 3 Ranks - 3 medals -

You are here to get the help you need. 3 Medals are what you need.

- Bronze Medal: Be debt-free using our simple budget, our method and starting a small emergency fund

- Silver Medal: You keep your emergency fund - and start to save money

- Gold Medal: You start spending the extra-cash and enjoy spending it

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Why do you need a Financial Coach

You could have questions about what financial coaching is, what you get out of working with us, and what it costs. Hopefully, the below will help give you answers and clarity.

What Is Financial Coaching?

As financial coaches, we help you get clear on what really matters to you in life and teach you how to put your money toward those things. We help you come up with a plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be, then walk that path with you as an accountability partner and guide. Our goal is to “teach you how to fish” if you will — to get you to a place where you’re informed and empowered enough to manage your money and continue this work on your own.

What Do You Get?

By working together, you will discover exactly how much money is coming in, how much is going out, and how to align your spending with your values. You will get clear on what matters to you in life, learn how to put your money toward those things, and create a plan to go from Point A to point B. And, in time, you will internalize that you truly do have control over your money and can proactively use it to create the life you want.

You will also receive:

• A customized spending plan based on your goals and values
• Help/ideas reducing interest payments (on student loans, credit cards, etc.)
• Ways to improve your credit score
• Resources to grow your relationship with money
• Unlimited email support


Does It Work?

Different plans are offering: Online Courses or face-to-face (Zoom) and Call meetings as well.

Online plan:

You will follow the course at your best pace and you will find the best plan to pay your debts

Personalized plans:

To make sure you have the immediate support, accountability, and guidance you need, upfront, we meet (Usually using Zoom / Skype / Phone calls…) for a 30-minutes session every two weeks. Let’s have short but functional meetings together.

When you think you have learned enough, we’ll sit down and discuss whether it’s best to continue meetings two times a month or switch to a once-a-month meeting. Everyone progresses at a different pace and needs different levels of support, so deciding this after having already worked together means you’ll get exactly the level of help you need. We will re-evaluate the frequency of our meetings every quarter.

What Does It Cost?

Touch Tools Business does not recommend or sell financial products or receive commissions. Because of this, our clients know they will receive completely unbiased advice and guidance.
Many people are concerned that they can’t afford a coach; however, what our clients have learned is financial coaching can put more money in your pocket than it takes out making it revenue-producing.

Rates are linked to your needs and go from $39 up to $499/month without any hidden fees. This reflects the additional meetings, the work we do outside of our calls to find & share resources and tools so you can keep your homework, and replying to all emails you send over as questions/comments/feedbacks arise.


Think of it as health insurance for your finances, except you actually get to talk to the doctor every month! Most clients work with us for at least a year, and I set the expectation that this work takes at least 12-18 months.

Changing your relationship to and behaviors around money take time and needs to be approached in years, not months. That said, you are free to cancel at any time — we will never force you to continue to work with us (that’s just weird). But we want to be up-front and let you know there is no “quick fix”.


Important to remember:

In general, you would turn to a financial coach for help saving money and a financial advisor for help investing and growing money. A financial coach works with clients who have few assets and need general financial help. A financial advisor works with clients who need help managing and investing their assets. An advisor provides options for developing an investment portfolio to build wealth for their clients to meet future financial goals. They typically charge their fees based on a percentage of assets under management, as opposed to coaches who typically charge a flat retainer fee. Advisors often require a minimum asset level to begin service.

Another important difference is that financial coaches are not licensed to provide financial advice like advisors are, and therefore cannot provide specific product recommendations. Coaches can provide basic advice on the concept of investing, but they cannot recommend how to allocate your assets. They can suggest saving money in a high-interest savings account, but they can’t recommend a particular account.

Coaching also differs from advising in that coaching tends to be a limited time arrangement, with the goal of helping the client to achieve financial literacy and learn to manage their own finances. Advising, on their other hand, is an ongoing relationship in which the advisor meets with their client once or twice a year and continually manages their financial portfolio for them.

A financial coach works to educate their clients on the basics of personal finance and build their financial literacy. They work with people who need help making budgets, paying down debt, and creating a livable financial plan. Their goal is to empower their clients to make smart financial decisions and take responsibility for their choices. A financial coach is not licensed to give specific investment advice, which makes them different from financial advisors. If you’re interested in becoming a financial coach, consider building your personal knowledge base.

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“I do thanks the team for all recommendations they have given me !”

-Bob R. -

“Wouah. So great I have found this team to help me saving money to buy my own home. Only the beginning. Thanks Touch Tools Business !”


- Lucia D. -

“Amazing how easy it is when you have the good tools to save money. Thanks Lionel!”


- Thomas G. -