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We Invest in Your Idea


Your startup is ready to grow
Our community offers the services your business needs with minority ownership positions

We Invest In Your Idea
Our Investors want to Learn more about your startup

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About Us

We are a group of private and individual entrepreneurs who want to become long-term partners for you and your business. We are not a venture capitalist firm or a fund looking for quick growth at all costs.

We started our own businesses as well and want to help early-stage startups as, usually, funders of those businesses are involved as crazy in their ideas. We only work with super-motivated owners who understand they can not be successful alone and want to be surrounded by other specialists.  

As it is in Poker, it is all right to distribute some chips (few ownerships) to continue to play at the last table of the tournament, but it is not ok to go "all-in" with bad investors.

Entrepreneurs and ready to join us?

You are an entrepreneur ready to help early-stage startups grow before business angels enter the game?

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About Us
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